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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Morning woke at 6am then start to get ready...
went to college and saw no one =.=; tipical malaysian
time so i went mamak for a quick breakfast.. then went back..
ah finally people start to arrive =D bus left college at 7.30++am
reachin there about 8++am walking on foot up the slop coz the
bus could not reach the top...

Everyone gather at entrance of the race track =D

Second scene of people gathering in the entrance...

Erm... refer above

This is after we reach the top of bukit gasing =D wow... feel like fainting after reaching the top..
managed to make it to the top 20 list, im the 17th person to reach the top =D... yea did not get lost
tis year hohooo...

yea.. time to feast... droolz... this is dr. paul chan's house the ceo of help university college yea...
it's located right next to the track when we reach the top of the mountain....

Nicole's Birthday @ The Curve;
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nicole's mom and her younger bro and sis

a few of her best friends =P

lol as u can c it's her cake =P

tis me and nicole^^

I'll post more picture when i get them^^

Project Meeting Day;
Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Morning? Woke at 9 and slept back again then wake again at 10somtin well when I turn on my pc and there goes the problem again T_T cannot start... monitor did not on.. well as usual I unplug the modem and the LAN card and reattach it back in again and there it works... then I remember yesterday Kevin wanted me to print some football chart thingie which he and his mom were ploting... o well watever it is.. i open the file he send me and click on the print button... T_T wah juz my day... my printer did not work.. cannot send data to the printer or somtin sigh... I dun wanna deal so much about these problems d coz I had enough problems for the day.

Well called up Kevin saying my printer not working.. then called up Kenny leong saying I can't go to the karaoke tis Saturday coz I hav forgotten Monday wuz my exam for multimedia systems. Then he told me to call Elaine coz she is the one planning tis.. so I called her up and told her about tis.. (sry Elaine really can't make it... no point havin fun b4 exam T_T the mood juz isn't there) well after tat it wuz already 11 and I hurried to get myself ready coz hav to meet Kevin in college for lunch.. today is the last day of our meeting with sam ding, our supervisor for our final project which we r taking tis sem. Well as usual we had lunch in the food court.. I ordered the wan ton mee wit curry gravy and 2 tofu pok XD... droolz.. neways.. after tat we went to ls7 to finish off our work so that later at 4pm we can show it to him.

In the lab ppl wit familiar faces came in XD... vin, jowie and evon lol sigh there were goin to watch x-men together T_T and I had to do work in the lab.. then later... Pricilla came in umm I know her from CF then when I wuz about to leave I notice she wuz chatting on msn and decided to add her on my contact list as well.. ^^ so.. we went off to c our supervisor... talk and talk... well it wuz quite fast actually. So tat's the end of our first semester's meetings... the next meeting will be after our exams and our holidays^^ we will hav lots of work to do then T_T...

It wuz already 4.30pm then when I reach home... so I on my pc... ops my modem now is not working T____T so.. had to walk all the way back to college again and go online to search for the modem driver.. coz I lost my modem driver ahhhhhh... juz the perfect time T_T... it wuz already 5pm when I decided to go back to college to go online. Afraid that the college is gonna close soon so I rush to college... and then download the drivers and on MSN for a while.. when I went back Pricilla wuz still there haha.. so late.. well I on msn for a while then I got to know from my angel that he already told lala about us haha.. I wonder what she told him... and how he react ^^' but neways gonna find out soon. =P so after that I head home.

As I wuz walking up the stairs heading to MC. Donald then a voice shouted "joey"... hmm It wuz julian there talking to his friend.. he wuz accompanying his friend there to wait for the millennium court bus. Then I stop by awhile and went to buy my stuff in Giant. I went to get a packet of cintan mee and the straight to the shampoo section. While I wuz looking at this panteen shampoo product and wuz about to go to the counter a voice coming from behind said "If u wanna buy that shampoo get this one it's cheaper" *a woman holding a panteen shampoo wraped up wit a conditioner beside it.* and wah I thought she wuz a promoter but turn out to be juz a normal lady heheh... so I said thanks and headed front to get one of those she bought =P after that I went back to where julian and his friend were.. sat for a while before we left, coz julian felt it wuz too long to wait haha.. ^^'

So me and julian went to mc. Donald to refill our drinks coz I brought my mc. Donald cup too while on the way to the lab juz now... he said he already refilled 3 times and this is his fourth haha.. he's gonna get tummy egg... hmm.. so we headed home and waited for the time to pass and I tested on the modem driver and seemed it's not working sigh.. so I had to switch back the modem to the original pci slot hoping the pre-installed driver will work.. so after doing there.. hope at last XD it works... but now my eternet lan card is not working.. lol.. I only need one so who cares about the second one hohhohoo... I'll probally deal wit it after my exams...

Later at 8pm we went for dinner in the malay stall beside ali maju I ate bihoon goreng and it wuz actually quite nice.. coz tat time Elaine kinda ate that and it looks appetizing XD. Head to giant after that coz julian ran out of gel haha.. so I shop abit more then and bought two cups of instant cup noodles. Head home after that, then I revise abit on the directors functions and keywords. Then started to play o2jam offline awhile... and now I am writing tis blog and it's already 11.55pm haha..

Streamyx Registration Day;
Monday, May 29, 2006

Today hmm lets c well I went to register for streamyx today and guess what I got the modem straight and my account is gonna be activated in 3dayz time wah wah T_T internet internet I miss uuuuuuu =D neways we went to this building umm next to the tall famous blue arch shape TM-NET building. Lala wuz driving then changed to Mike and then Lala again hohoho.. but neways here's the days story ^^

Morning woke, prepare hmm I did not really do my hair today coz kinda lazy and wanted to try another style... easier and faster style =.=; I juz tied up my hair and sprayed the rest hohoho.. then I went to college and I wuz suppose to meet lala at about 2 but then guess who I met in the corridor on the way to ls7? Lala and golda XD... hmm did not expect to meet them there ba.. then after tat I went to eat lunch wit them lo after they went home and fetch kiki...

After lunch we went to get the modem for the streamyx while I register my account.. it rained heavily then until 3somtin then it stopped... did not know the exact time it stopped coz we were in the building doing the streamyx stuff... only mike and golda were waiting for us in the car XD... so after finishing all tat I went straight home lo... tryin to set my modem and all but in the end the line wuz not activated yet for the streamyx T_T... then I clean my internal hardware.. wow it's full of dust =.=; but then after cleaning wah my monitor suddenly dun work.. so I tot it's the graphic card problem but then it turn out to be on of my pci slots which is giving problems T___T took me quite some time meddling around and testing all of the slots... lucky it worked WAH think of the days of me spending witout my precious pc D= night mare ^^'

The Memoirs of 28th May 2006;
Sunday, May 28, 2006

Woke up at 9.30am before the alarm went off =.=; wow.. how anxious am I ^^' but neways i slept back awhile and then woke one min later coz too much stuff goin in my mind.. I went bath and all then finish preparing myself at about 10.40am so I went out to the bus stop and waited for the lrt bus to com. I reach mid valley at about 11.50am so went straight to pickup my tickets I booked for the x-men III movie me and my friend is gonna watch^^.

Well we got a great seat and it's a twin couple seat *blush* lucky =D then then to kill some time b4 my friend arrive I went to pets wonderland and started looking at those pretty fishes @_@ ok... next is to MPH so I went down and went to the magazine section and started browsing... then after a few flips through the pages *ding dong* came a msg "Dear, whr are u?" so I replied im in MPH magazine section and ask whether my friend wanted me to go look for her or she come look for me! *send* replied... "Its ok. Meet u thr :" the sms said. So I waited for less than a min and there she wuz the angel had finally arrived @_@ droolz... so then... we continue on and ask the usual question "Where to eat?" the universal toughest lunch and dinner question...=.=; then we decide to go eat at Oasis coz there is where I normally eat in Mid Valley.. then after reaching there and a long thought... I dun really wanna eat ikan bakar coz get bored wit the taste d so decided to try somtin else.. I went to tis shop at the corner right.. and ordered fried rice in black soy sos! O well the rice is not really tat nice T_T should hav ordered fish and ships instead.. and the angel? She ordered tomato sos fish wit rice at the other corner of the food court. We both were having a hard time finishing off our food coz its not nice at all =.=;...

Then after eating, we went off walking and chat... I told her I hav to buy a friend a birthday gift coz it's her birthday tis coming Wednesday! And she also has a friend whose coming birthday wuz on Friday which she also hav to buy a present for. So we went from shop to shop and she met friends on the way... after a moment I realize tat I hav forgotten about our movie =.=; it's already 1.50pm our movie starts at 2pm.. ah hak... lucky I realize it earlier or else we would hav missed the movie if we keep on searching for the presents...

Then comes the seatings... I sat on the left side and she wuz on the right close to the wall beside the stairs.. then I wanted to put my ice lemon tea which I bought on the right arm rest which she can also then take a sip if she wanted to... but it turn out that there izzin't any arm rest.. It's a twin seat for couples ^^! then she suddenly said "OH! There's the handle it's been folded behind... (*a voice from joe's mind* "NOOOOOOOoooo... T_T" ) then she quickly said "nvm lar since it's already folded hehe..." ("YES" *a sound which only joe could hear...*) then the movie started... as the scenario goes... *please refer below to know what happened during the movie...*

my other self: "joe... her hand is juz next to u juz grab it =.=;"

me: but but T_T im afraid she will get mad and try to avoid me later...

my other self: aiyo wont wan la... c she say she is abit cold ma... so juz grab her hands
and warm it up for her...

me: wah... r u sure she is gonna be ok?

my other self: yea yea trust me... for a start try the arm first...

me: ... oh here comes a romantic scene...

my other self: YES CHANCE!!!

me: /omg she is putting her right hand on my arm...


me: ( >.<;) grab it grab it grab it...

narrator: after all tat thinking and getting ready... ops! she move her hand away d

me: |||...o|¯|_

me: T_T she put her hand under her tights d... sigh... T_________T

my other self: baka =.='

me: ahhhhhhhh dun care anymore.. juz grab

my other self: OMG UR REALLY GOIN FOR IT...

narrator: after joe grab her hand he felt like heaven and overjoyed after tat^^ she nvr got mad but accepted his hand willingly =D


Well the movie wuz quite nice.. juz has a sad ending to it... juz can't except the fact that most of the main characters died T______T but then again.. it's an emotional movie with lots of touching close scenes... so we went on shopping again... but tis time it wuz different =D our hands are still connected =P so we walked and walk... and we stop at a Maggie-T kinda road show thingie and I saw those purse which I wuz thinking to buy for my friend... but luckly I did not coz I call her aunt and seemed she like necklace or earrings better.. so I did not get the purse.. then next shop is a shop selling these long big necklace... she bought one for herself and one for her friend as a birthday gift.. and there settled with one birthday gift already and left with me to ponder now.. I though of giving my friend the bracelet since she like those kinda stuff a lot... but ended up buying her a necklace coz I find the necklace is much more nicer than the bracelet hehehe... and there settled another problem... so we walk on and on thinking wat to do next... I ask her whether she wanna eat dinner or not... and she answered "Hmm dunno!! U decide!! I dun like making decisions"

My other self: y are u thinking so long... juz answer her already =.=;

Me: er.. what if I said yes! Would it be forcing her to stay and take dinner wit me?

My other self: aiyo!... if not? U hav to eat also rite? She is human to rite?

Me: hmm true XD!!

Me: OMG if she is gonna take dinner wit me she is gonna go back late T_T will she be alright?

My other self: juz ask her first!!

Me: She said she is gonna take a cab home.. juz worrying about me taking the bus so late!!

My other self: so what are u waiting for?

Narrator: So joe told his angel to stay and hav dinner wit him


As time goes.. we went to buy a water bottle which nowadays very famous wit very hard plastic and all.. coz she said she wanted one.. we went to jusco and bought it there... after that I decided to buy my fish food coz I nearly ran out of it... so we went up again to pets wonderland to get it... then then we think and think finally ended up in MPH enjoying origami book and gunnies book of records as we were half way browsing the book on a bench juz the two of us in a lovely pose =D she said she wuz hungry so we stop right away and wend straight to kim gary hohoho... I ate cheese baked rice and she ate kimchi noodle which is kinda on the new menu... well we had our nice lovely time there chatting and all... then after that as we were about to leave Oppz.. nearly forgot about her sister's food haha.. so we went tabau KFC back for her sister to eat coz she haven had dinner yet!! After tat we went straight to the bus stop but on the way there we both met a friend which we thought knew both of us but in the end.. we were waiving at different person sitting next to each other hahhaaa...

At the bus stop she waited wit me for the bus before she went off wit the taxi and we chatted some more there as she talked more about her past and about her ex n all... there wuz I all interested in listening to her sweet angelic voice... oh how I wish the days were shorter and we could spend all the time we can juz chatting... as she wuz talking halfway through her story T___T sigh here comes the bus!! So I quickly get up and gave her a peck on the cheek a goodbye kiss before the bus sped off witout me... telling her to giv me a msg or so after reaching home as I wuz worried too well after all she is a girl and goin back so late because of my selfish thoughts T_T

And there I wuz on the bus pondering what I did during the whole day and it wuz juz like a sweet dream of mine passing through all the sweet moments when im with my angel^^ I reach home at about 10somtin pm and took my bath and all!! Went online then and chatted wit her some more coz she haven ended her story yet back at the bus stop then I also told her about my past relationships so we can understand each other more in exchange ^^ and I ask her whether she is ok with the relationship and she wuz ok wit it coz she wanted to giv it a try! And the conversation went on until 1am++ and there it ended when her sister wanted to use the pc, so after we exchange all our last sweet messages, she went offline and here I am writing this long essay in remembrance of an unforgettable first sweet day, the starting journey, of me and my gf.

What is Marketing?;
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Let me post some junks okok^^ since so long i did not blog =( sigh... lazy lazy.. me.. T_T

You see a gorgeous girl at a party.
You go up to her and say, "I am very rich. Marry me!"
That's Direct Marketing

You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl.
One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says, "He's
very rich. Marry him."
That's Advertising.

You see a gorgeous girl at a party.
You go up to her and get her telephone number.
The next day you call and say, "Hi, I'm very rich. Marry me."
That's Telemarketing.

You're at a party and see a gorgeous girl.
You get up and straighten your tie; you walk up to her and pour her a drink.
You open the door for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer
her a ride and then say, "By the way, I'm very rich "Will you marry me?"
That's Public Relations.

You're at a party and see a gorgeous girl.
She walks up to you and says, "You are very rich..."
That's Brand Recognition.

You see a gorgeous girl at a party.
You go up to her and say, "I'm rich. Marry me"
She gives you a nice hard slap on your face.
That's Customer Feedback

Setting the longest 50cent coin line in the Malaysian Book Of Records;
Saturday, October 22, 2005

hoho today HELP University College organized an event to break the Malaysian Book Of Records by lining up a whole stretch of 50cent coin along the basket ball court to make the longest 50cent coin ever.

I wuz one of the participant...
so free =.=|| woke at 6.40am it wuz raining heavily.
then i called lala and he say he will com fetch me along.

As i reach well the event is still early so we went to hav our breakfast at ali maju.. then after the event started and we arrange the 50cent coin by hand one by one on the court.

the event end at about 12++pm.

People whom i know were in the event:-

Jin Seong
and gang

Hua Fu
Shu Ying
Fang Yen & BF
Fong Yue
Su Wen
Xi Xian
and gang

My Team
Lala & GF

Yew Jhin
and gang

and those tat i left out hehe...
Care to view my gallery?
Feel free to click on the link below ^^



Jacky Cheung & Frans - Ni Zui Zhen Gui

Micheal - Tong Hua

Leo Ku - Geng Gor Gam Kok

F.I.R. - Lydia

Ronald Cheng - Mo Lai

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

Guy Sebastian - Angels Brought Me Here

Initial D - Piao Yi

Fantasia Barrino - I Believe

F.I.R. - Wo Men De Ai